sarah-lancasterDay 11!   Will TVbytheNumbers’ website be renewed for the NBC schedule announcement or will it be canceled?   We know we’re still experiencing some pains, and our plan really is to throw as much as we can at the new hosting arrangement and see what happens.

There have been a lot of Chuck rumors while I’ve been busy with the site, but I haven’t thought too much about them.   I know it will cause some to point a finger and shake it at me saying, “and you call yourself a Chuck fan!?”, but keeping the site up and running is a higher priority.

Going against the tide, I don’t think the Friday rumors make much sense at all.  Not for Chuck, not for Southland, and not for NBC.    Friday Night Lights, with a subsidy from DirecTV does make sense to me.  Otherwise, I really don’t understand given the not so wonderful results NBC had with scripted shows on Friday this season why they’d think that was a good idea for next season.  But, because it’s NBC,  it could definitely happen even if it doesn’t make much sense.

I look at the calendar and just think there is always a lot of BS heading into upfronts and schedule announcements.  And by BS, I am not referring to Ben Silverman.  TV is a sales game.  Sales is often a BS game.  You have a lot of very smooth people at the networks and the studios doing what they do best.  On top of it, these are people who love, and I mean absolutely love, the thrill of selling and negotiating and are very good at it.  So good, that sometimes BS actually becomes reality.  But mostly, it usually seems that it winds up that the BS was just BS.

On the other hand,  for all the talk about how many fewer people are watching TV on Fridays, there are still a lot of people watching TV on Fridays between broadcast and cable.  CBS has figured it out somewhat, as has ABC, to a lesser degree with its unscripted Friday fare.

In addition to loving sales and negotiation, the networks and studios and the people who work for them are extremely competitive.    If FOX and NBC give scripted original series airings another go on Fridays next season (outside of Friday Night Lights), I’d ascribe it to competitive angst more than anything else.  But a competitive attitude alone doesn’t result in competitive performance.   This season neither FOX nor NBC were competitive on Fridays.

I would definitely not hate it if they tried again next season.   If Chuck and Dollhouse aired on Fridays, Saturdays might become our biggest traffic day of the week.   Not to mention get us more episodes of Chuck (and Dollhouse).  While it would be a surprising outcome for me, I wouldn’t mind it at all.

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