chuck_castthe two people you might not recognize in the photo — lower left, co creator Chris Fedak, and upper right,  the ubiquitous (at least at Warner Brothers)  McG.

Endings often make for new beginnings and that’s the case with the end of the Fifteen Days of Chuck.   The fifteen days of waiting to find out if the show was renewed are over (in fact, that wound up taking only 14 days!), and soon even waiting about where it is on the schedule will be over.

Then, it will pretty much be over until Chuck begins airing next and the obsession with Chuck ratings begin anew.   Speculation over what kind of changes the budget cuts mean for the show will fill in the spaces between now and then.

I’m happy that Chuck was renewed, but, I’m happier that even with a lot of things in addition to Chuck being announced, our web site is holding up very well.   It looks like our hosting change and some other minor changes have made a big difference.  As some other have noted our web site being stable is really a much bigger surprise than Chuck’s renewal!

I’m pretty sure with the renewal announcement yesterday, interest in the fifteenth and final day of Chuck will have waned, but might as well see it through to completion.

Hopefully the Fifteen Days of Chuck helped to pass the time.  It was fun to see the Chuck-loving community interact with each other.

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