Soon, the fifteen days of Chuck will be over, but not soon enough by some.  And by some people,  I might be including myself as well.   Nothing new to report today.  I’m as optimistic as I was on day one, which was pretty darn optimistic.  The illustrious Nick C said in the comments yesterday:

CHUCK btw should be signed, sealed, and done by Tuesday. If Warner again doesn’t screw it all up. I’m sure again the Media will be all over it then.

Though I love Nick,  throwing “if  Warner again doesn’t screw it all up” in there is sort of like saying “If we pitch well, and hit well, and play our best, we’ll win the game!”  The sports world constantly shows the problems with that approach in practice.  Sometimes you don’t pitch and hit well, but moreover, even when you pitch and hit well, and play your best, sometime the other team just pitches and hits better.

I think once upon a time Nick sat in on some $50,000 crash course for a week on “how to talk like a politician.”  And he aced the course.  Come Tuesday, if it’s announced Nick can offer a big fat, “toldja!”, but if it isn’t, he can blame it all on Warner Bros screwing it up.  Well played, Nick.

Anyway, I’m not any more optimistic because of Nick’s comments, but I’m certainly not more pessimistic because of them either.  I consider the comments, like these posts as entertainment to pass the time until we do hear something.  I’ll be very happy if Nick is right because it will allow me to cram about six days of Chuck into one post! If I had to bet right now, I’d bet that we won’t hear anything until the fifteenth day of Chuck.  But I wouldn’t bet much, and fortunately, I don’t have to bet on this at all.

Below is the season two finale of Chuck.  If you prefer, you can start at the beginning with the pilot first episode.    Unfortunately, I can’t embed the pilot below because that’s just another thing Warner Bros screwed up 😀  But at least they have all of season one available even if I can’t embed the episodes.

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