There have been no changes since yesterday (or the day before, or the day before, etc).   There are more rumors. A couple of people left comments and sent e-mail that on some Warner Brothers site they are listing information of season three of Chuck.  That doesn’t mean the show is renewed.  It doesn’t mean anything at all.   If you ask NBC they will tell you no decision was made yet, and if you ask Warner Brothers they will tell you the same thing.  A graphic on a web site?  You mean, like this graphic?  Meaningless.  It is just web sites trying to generate traffic.

Sure, I’m doing the same thing with these posts, and I can’t deny pandering to the Chuck fans or being fine with getting web traffic, but I wouldn’t make up “Chuck Renewed!” or “Chuck Canceled!” posts just for the traffic.  I’m basing my renewal prediction almost exclusively on the numbers. If not for Jay Leno, I believe its renewal already would’ve been announced.  That it hasn’t been announced yet seems primarily to be a function of two things:

  • 1.       NBC hasn’t gotten all its ducks in a row to figure out fall 2009 entirely just yet
  • 2.       As long as #1 above is true, it gives some negotiation leverage to NBC

I am confident that NBC will indeed pick up Chuck.  It’s still possible that it won’t, and some graphic on a Warner Brothers website doesn’t change that possibility.

I hear a lot of “@!^& Chuck!  You show soooo much love to Chuck, but, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a wayyyyyyy better show!!”

On the quality front, I’ve seen every episode of both of those shows.  I wound up enjoying Chuck quite a bit more.  But that’s a subjective opinion.  Who cares about subjective opinions?  I mean subjectively, I’ve been catching up on NCIS, and I like it more than either Chuck or TSCC.  Blasphemy, I know, but what can I tell you, it’s my subjective, personal opinion!   According to 30 Rock,  I like NCIS more because I am OLD.  I am old, so 30 Rock might have that right!

What’s not at all subjective is this:  Chuck performed much better relative to NBC than TSCC performed relative to FOX .

That’s an unbiased, objective assessment of actual results.  Completely unbiased, and completely objective. If you don’t like those results, that is of course your choice, but not liking the results doesn’t change the results any.  So I’m giving Chuck some love because:

  • 1.       It has an actual legitimate chance of being renewed (TSCC does not, at least not on FOX)
  • 2.       Unique circumstances about delaying announcements for several shows by NBC precipitating, well, Fifteen Days of Chuck!

I don’t find it difficult to separate my subjective opinions from the objective results.  I give this example all the time, and I’ll give it again: I really enjoyed NBC’s Life, and said so.  But the numbers stunk and I always said it had no chance of being renewed.  If I absolutely LOVED Dollhouse and TSCC, I would still be predicting their imminent demise, because those predictions are results-based, not based on my opinion of the shows.

I enjoy Chuck, but I can reel off at least five shows off the top of my head that I enjoy more:

  • 1.       Lost
  • 2.       House
  • 3.       NCIS
  • 4.       Law & Order: SVU
  • 5.       Burn Notice

Don’t throw stones at me, but I could probably reel off five more.  The prediction for Chuck’s return is not based on my enjoyment of the show.  I do enjoy the show and hope it returns. But I enjoyed Life on Mars, too.  Enjoyment of a show is decidedly not a sound basis for making renewal predictions.

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