Our long journey is almost over.  How long must we wait to hear some kind of official announcement from NBC?  Finally, it truly is any day now.   At this point I am 99.999 percent confident Chuck will be renewed.  Of course, I don’t mean to frighten anyone, but I’m still stinging a little from being 97%+ confident Dollhouse would be canceled.

On the plus side, the site finally seems to have functioned well for more than a couple of  hours at a time, and if it can make it through the Chuck renewal announcement in the coming days, I will likely be taking the entire month of June off.

The fifteen days of Chuck is almost over, unless Yvonne Strahovski shows up at my door, points a gun at me and says, “No, the days of Chuck are not over! There will be 365 days of Chuck.  Any day that ends in a “y” is a day for Chuck!”

Ok, ok, she probably wouldn’t have to point  a gun at me…

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