Some have suggested we have a very one dimensional web site lately…

Mood:  still optimistic about renewal, but I’m cranky over lack of Nielsen data.

Has anyone noticed since NBC announced some pickups without picking up Chuck and instead deferring that decision by as much as fifteen days there hasn’t been any Nielsen data?  Coincidence?

If you’re one of those people who don’t believe in coincidences probably not.  I am not one of those people though.  I do believe in coincidence.  Still, just like there has been no Chuck renewal yet, there is no Sunday, Monday or Tuesday ratings data yet.  And since Sunday is still waiting, there’s no weekly data yet either.

I am guessing the river of Nielsen data begins to flow again before NBC announces Chuck’s fate, and though I’d be fine with NBC making an announcement sooner rather than later, I really am more interested in the ratings data.  When you have a web site that primarily focuses on ratings data, and there is no ratings data, it’s not much fun.

Judging from some of the comments, there are those who seem to believe it actually is a Chuck conspiracy, only some think that we are deliberately hoarding the Nielsen data so we can focus exclusively on Chuck.  It isn’t so.  I really do want to know (and share) how Castle did on Monday, Fringe on Tuesday, etc.   And many Chuck fans are just dying to know how Deal or No Deal did Monday night at 8pm.

I mostly have stopped reading the comments in these posts instead opting to catch up on Numb3rs, NCIS, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.   After the first ten “I hate Chuck, your site is nothing but Chuck, where are the ratings!!?!?” comments, it gets a little bit childish.

I don’t have a problem with childish so much, I’d just rather save my childish time for parents who use their children to create videos that will embarrass the hell out of them ten years down the road…

I am as optimistic as I was yesterday, and the day before about Chuck’s renewal prospects.  Hopefully the Nielsen river of data will begin flowing again soon.  Stay tuned…

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