We’re sticking with our retro WordPress theme for a little bit for testing purposessarah-lancaster.  I’m sure somewhere out there is a theme that converts everything to a 1980s green text on a black screen — it would probably be appropriate, but we’re not going that retro just yet.

Normally I am against the practice of baiting people to comment, even to the point where ending posts with “what do you think?” is against my religion.

The way I figure it, people who have something to say wind up saying it whether you ask them or not, so why bother asking?

But, we’re trying to get some data, so I will make an exception here and it doesn’t even matter whether you have anything to say.  PLEASE post comments. Post as many comments as you want.  As often as you like.

Profess your undying love for Chuck, early and often. If you don’t have any undying love…

If you don’t like Chuck please comment anyway.  If you love TSCC but hate Chuck and/or Dollhouse because those shows are still being considered for renewal,  comment away!

Thank you!

p.s. sorry for all the hassle lately, and yeah I know I used this picture yesterday, but I liked it so much I am using it again!  As tough as it is for me to look at our site in its current layout, this makes it easier! 😀

p.p.s.: I’m still very optimistic for Chuck’s renewal!

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