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Chuck fans vs. our web server

mysql4dummiesLooks like I picked the wrong day to be stupid about computers.  Within about a half hour of posting the first day of the Fifteen Days of Chuck, our website crashed and it took all the king’s horses and all the king’s men about six hours to put it back together again.

The problem?  It’s not Chuck fans.  It’s the path Bill and I have gone down and it’s complicated.  While Bill and I aren’t geeks who work in the Buy More (or the Best Buy) we are geeks who don’t work at the Buy More.   But when it comes to computers, as geeky as we are, we wind up seeming more like Jeffster (Jeff and Lester) than Chuck when it comes to aptitude.

I’m not necessarily saying that I don’t know my way around a MySQL database, just that when it comes to that sort of thing it’s not something I’m really all that interested in being really knowledgeable about.   Sometimes when you combine lack of interest, and lack of knowledge with responsibility, the results aren’t very good.  But,  necessity is the mother of invention, so I got out MySQL for dummies and went to work.  Actually, I don’t have that book (thinking about ordering it, though) but Google is an excellent resource if you need to fix a problem.   Hopefully those fixes will get us through the upfronts without further outages.

Josh Schwartz’ special hell

You don’t need to watch Entourage or read the trade press to know there are plenty of douchebags in Hollywood, but by all accounts, Chuck executive producer and co-creator Josh Schwartz doesn’t seem to be one of them.  In fact, he seems like one of the “good guys”.   But sometimes it also seems like he must’ve cut some kind of devilish bargain.

“Good news, Josh!  Two of your series are being picked up.  Gossip Girl and Chuck. Yay!  But, here’s the thing, both shows are going to air at the same time against each other.”

Nobody ever said life was fair, but that seems a bit harsh.  I don’t think the CW has a particular problem with Chuck airing when it does and the good news for Gossip Girl is it is at least good counter programming when Monday Night Football is airing.  That didn’t prove to be the case for Chuck though.  Then, over the winter when House moved to Mondays at 8pm on FOX, it wound up hurting both Chuck and Gossip Girl.

Chuck on Fridays?

Given the little bit of hinting NBC has done about its scheduling plans, there is now speculation that Chuck could air on Fridays.  I do not see that happening.  I’d be fine if it did, although if it went down like that, I think we’d be looking at 13, and only 13 more episodes of Chuck.

That might be the case regardless of where it aired, but it seems all but certain if it airs on Friday.  I can’t really come up with a case where NBC would renew the show if it planned to put it on Fridays, but it’s NBC, so I suppose anything is possible.  I’d rather have 13 more episodes than none at all, so while I’d scratch my head in wonder if NBC announced plans to air Chuck on Fridays, I’d take it.

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