Fake Steve Jobs is Wrong: TV News is (Mostly) for Geezers

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September 4th, 2007

I admittedly found Fake Steve Jobs (FSJ) more fun before I knew who he was in real life and of his ties to legacy (and dying) print media. In this recent FSJ entry, he chides network TV for screwing up one big opportunity they had to build out their news reporting services. RSJ (real Steve Jobs) would school him on this, but he's too busy leading Apple to total world dominance, so I will set the record straight myself.

As you can see in the charts posted by Mr. Gorman here, when it comes to TV News, though the advertisers may salivate over the 25-54 demographic, the 25-54 demographic isn't salivating over TV news (broadcast or cable). Not even close.

In this article by L.A. Times reporter Matea Gold on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, it states that the median age of the viewers has hardly dropped at all since Miss Couric joined -- from 60.7 to 59.9. The median age is almost 60! Old people LOVE television news, but apparently nobody else does. Until the advertisers start salivating over older demographics, why would any network invest much more into their nightly news broadcasts?

The things is, advertisers seem to love scale and there is scale with TV news, but I guess it skews too old for anyone to be excited about. Unless some secret formula is found to win over younger viewers, I'm not sure there will still be a CBS Evening News in 10 or 20 years. I'm not sure the younger demo can be won over. The world has changed and moved on. News is instantly available on the Internet. And I wonder if the format dies totally when the older generation who currently watch passes on.

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