Tivo Getting its Groove Back? 0% Chance!

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September 8th, 2007

tivo-logo.jpgIt's not clear it ever had any groove in the first place, even though I have personally been a Tivo lover for 9 years running. This article on NewTeeVee.com, part of the burgeoning Om Malik empire, hypothesisizes on ways for Tivo to get its groove back. I posted a comment there, but it's awaiting moderation (perhaps because I switched to my tvbythenumbers.com e-mail address). I'm not sure I don't need to be moderated, but regardless, I am a big believer in repurposing content, especially when it is my own content!

uh…no. There’s only ONE way for Tivo to get it’s groove back. By figuring out how to give their boxes away and still make money. I am not sure this is possible. I’m 100% certain that no matter how good their boxes are, no matter how good the social networking, no matter how good the program guide,you can’t compete with “Free”.

Comcast’s diabolical plan to wait until Tivo is pretty much worth absolutely nothing and then buy the brand on the cheap is well in motion.

I do LOVE the “unbundle” cable idea. Love, love, love it! And I believe the world will move in this direction, but it will most likely be Apple, with ~3rd gen of Apple TV (complete with DVR) that will be able to do this via leverage with iTunes.

As for September 2007, no chance in hell, the networks are way too freaked out to do this. Ok, maybe Showtime would do it, but otherwise, uh..no.

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