DVR Usage for Syndicated Shows: Can that Be Right?

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September 10th, 2007

Seinfeld Casttivo-logo.jpgOprah Winfrey 


My mind is struggling with the low impact of DVR usage for the top syndicated shows.  I can’t reconcile Bill Gorman’s post of the data for the Top Time-Shifted Syndicated shows the week ending 8/19 with either the logic my mind uses or the Tivo “most recorded shows” -- where Oprah is routinely in the top 10.  DVR usage for syndicated shows is seemingly insignificant but 1 out of 4 who watch Monk do so via DVR according to Nielsen. 

A couple of notes. It’s not fair comparing the Tivo data with the Nielsen Panel data for at least a couple of reasons:  

  • the demographic data is for the overall panels is likely very different

  • Tivo reports most reported, not most watched.

Also, it looks like Tivo is only tracking “new”programs.  If more Tivo homes aren’t recording “Friends” and “Seinfeld” than “Damages”, I’d be pretty surprised.  But I expect to often be surprised. It could be my logic is very flawed and I’m flat-out wrong.  With my current logic, flawed as it may be, I’d just expect  to see much more DVR impact for certain shows than Nielsen is actually reporting.  I’ll do some investigative reporting and get back to you.

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