HD Currently Subscribed to in 10.7m Homes

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September 14th, 2007

TVbytheNumbers sheds light on HD numbers 

TVbytheNumbers.com estimates that non OTA (over the air) High Definition content is only currently available in 10.7 million homes or 9.4% of the homes in the U.S.  If there truly are HD televisions in over  25 million homes, less than half of them are subscribing to any HD content packages. 

10.7 million represents the number of homes that have all the necessary hardware and are actually subscribing to HD content packages from their satellite or cable providers.

There are many reports saying there will be 50 million HD homes by the end of 2007.  TVbytheNumbers assures you that either these estimates are wildly optimistic, or by the end of the year, of the reported 50m homes, less than 1/4th of them will have access to HD content other than OTA! 

Yep, it's true that between satellite and cable if you get all the right equipment, non OTA HD content is available to almost  100% of the homes, but only 9.4% of them can turn on their TVs at this moment and receive it.

TVbytheNumbers loves HD content and believes it is a growth area, but that it is one that is growing far more slowly than much of the research would lead you to believe. 

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