Gorman vs. Seidman: Over/Under

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September 15th, 2007

Katie Couric Experiment lasts: 1 more year

Gorman: OVER! Les Moonves jumped into this with both feet, and he is not a man who likes to admit failure.

Seidman: The producers are making us answer the wrong question! Katie may leave on her own first!  I'm with you though, OVER. 

They need to try something to attract YOUNGER viewers though.  Sure, they alienated some of their existing viewers, but they were probably all in the 55+ category the advertisers don't want to pay for anyway.  They'll stick with it a while.

Emmy Awards for the Sopranos : 3 (6 nominations, 5 possible victories):

Gorman: OVER! Awards show voters both have a soft spot for departing shows and the Sopranos. I'd predict a sweep!

Seidman: No way I'm betting against "The Family".  Over, and sweep.

Homes with immediate access to non OTA HD: 11 Million

Gorman: UNDER! Lots of people seem to buy the HDTV sets, and then don't by the HDTV feed!

Seidman:  Where's the guy I had lunch with on Friday?  UNDER, by a few hundred thousand.

 # of new HD Channels Comcast (and other cable cos) add w/in 6 months because of DTV launch of 100 new HD channels next week (will be extra cost for DTV subs) : 10

Gorman: UNDER! I honestly think the cable MSO's are more concerned with expanding their revenue via internet and phone signups than enhancing the value of the cable subscriptions. Plus, and I am far from an expert, I believe they may have bandwidth concerns which slow the rate at which they can add HD channels.

Seidman: Finally I can disagree with you about SOMETHING.  I think Comcast will bring HD & DVR into the marketing push mix.  I mean come on, less than half of the HDTV's are actually getting any HD content! That's an opportunity.  Still: UNDER!

Emmy Award Viewers: 16.184 million

Gorman: UNDER! Although I think it may be close. The trend is down and I don't want to fight that, but it's uneven enough that a single year may suprise.

Seidman:  I get to disagree again! YES!  OVER!  I agree that betting against trends is dopey, but last year's Emmy's aired during late August and I think it hurt.  Moving back to mid September plus one last glimpse of the Sopranos clan together throws it over the top!               

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