iFox? Fox Offers Season Premieres Free on iTunes

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September 21st, 2007

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According to a story in the LA Times, Fox will soon begin offering season premieres of seven of its shows for free via iTunes.  I just looked and there are 5 currently available:

  • Prison Break
  • K-Ville
  • ‘Til Death
  • Back to you
  • Kitchen Nightmares

More Gordon Ramsay on my iPhone, yay!

The LA Times story compared this to the earlier announced deal between ABC and AOL.  AOL will stream ABC video with advertising for free.  ABC's deal makes sense in that they'll get what they were already streaming for free via ABC.com in front of AOL's audience.  Fox likewise streams shows for free from its own website. 

But this is reaching out to iPod/iPhone/iTunes users. 

I'm not sure it will really lead to many people buying "season's passes" of the Fox shows, but it might be effective in getting people to download and check out shows who might not have checked them out otherwise.  It worked on me, I'm downloading Kitchen Nightmares as I type this, and I will sync it to my iPhone.  I am a Hell's Kitchen fan, but I wouldn't have checked out Kitchen Nightmares otherwise.

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