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September 25th, 2007

Journeyman Cast

In the past 28 hours I've watched the season premieres of Family Guy, Dancing with the Stars, Heroes, and I gave the Journeyman a try as well.  Plus the usual staples of ESPN's "Around the Horn" and "Pardon the Interruption".  I love my job!

The return of Heroes was a "set-up the arc" episode, with Hiro's hero not quite being the man we might have figured he would be. A nice twist. Otherwise, no spoilers here.  While the show was presented with "limited commercial interruption", they apparently made up for this with product placement.  Next week I will keep my eyes open for more products.  This week's primary placement was for the Nissan Rogue, which I did notice. 

I also stuck around for Journeyman.  While I do not believe time travel is possible, especially travel into the past, I love stories about time travel.  The HD was stunning with the show set here in San Francisco with plenty of footage that was shot in the city.  I didn't watch the credits to see if the city's Chamber of Commerce kicked in.  It was the first time I'd seen product placement for the iPhone, which wound up appearing on screen at least 3 times. 

In my first foray into Dancing With the Stars I found the show extremely well produced and  entertaining.  It was just the ladies tonight and all of them, including Marie Osmond blew me away. But nobody blew me away as much as Jane Seymour, who at 56 is the oldest woman in the contest and still looking lovely as ever. 

Seymour tied for the second highest score (24) with Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) from the judges and in first place was someone who I'd never heard of before tonight, Sabrina Bryan with 26 points.  She was amazing, but I'm sticking with Jane Seymour.  Tomorrow we'll see how my boy Cubes does against the pretty boys and Las Vegas legend Wayne Newton.  Three episodes a week is a lot to get through, the DVR will help.

 There's still Ken Burns' "The War" on PBS to tackle, as well as the premiere of Boston Legal tomorrow.In between, somehow I managed to get hooked on Showtime's Dexter, which has the entire first season running free (even if you don't have Showtime in your package) through the end of the month On-Demand. 

  • Eva G.

    I wish I had your job too, Robert!

  • Eva G.

    I wish I had your job too, Robert!

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