30 Second Ad Cost: Part 2 - Grey's Still Rules the Fall

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September 30th, 2007

We wrote about this earlier today.  The numbers are a bit different than the numbers in our earlier post via Media Week, but generally the theme is the same with the Advertising Age numbers.  CSI still looks like a "bargain" to me.


Here's the full Fall pricing survey via Advertising Age.

Remember CSI had over 20% more overall viewers than Grey's in week one and only 7/10ths of a ratings point less viewers in the 18-49 category.  CSI did much better overall last week than Grey's and the Office: CSI:24.85m viewers, Grey's 20.48m, The Office 9.67m.

The 18-49 ratings were a bit in Grey's favor: 8.7 for Grey's, 8.0 for CSI vs 5.1 for The Office.  The spreads in pricing between the three lead me to believe that in reality, the 18-49 is not really the metric used to drive pricing despite how much it is bandied about in the media.  Something else is driving Grey's rates and I suspect it's younger people and more chicks.  

As for The Office, I remember reading that like Boston Legal and 30 Rock, it did particularly well in the 18-49 segment with household income over $100,000 last year.

I confess, I watch both Grey's (yeah, yeah, I liked Sex in the City too, deal with it) and The Office so the Tivo comes in handy.  Gorman is a CSI guy.

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