Less than 10 Days Until the DVR Spin Cometh

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October 7th, 2007

New C+3 commercial ratings to debut with season premiere DVR tallies  

 HD DVR from Comcast/Motorola

The week of October 15th is going to keep the spinmeisters busy.  In fact, we're already seeing some pre-spin, and anti-spin.

"What we saw last week is what we saw last week," says scheduling maven at Fox Preston Beckman in a story by Variety.. "Nothing is going to change that will radically shift a network's perceptions of a show."

It seems like there is not unity in Murdoch-land over at Fox when it comes to the network execs like Beckman getting in sync with some of the content producers for the very same network.

"We were perceived to have fallen off more than we did," said Howard Gordon executive producer of "24" in the same Variety article. "Our show was one of the more TiVo'ed shows, and as a result our ratings appeared to fall off more than it did. It creates a public perception that's inaccurate."

But I think Beckman is actually correct and Fox can afford some hubris -- American Idol is a show that draws a massive amount of people watching at the same time the show actually airs.  Nonetheless, if it turns out House had an additional 25% viewership on the DVR, Fox will issue a press release touting it.

Still,  it seems advertisers are obsessed with the overnight numbers.  Nielsen wants advertisers to focus in on the new live + 3 day DVR commercial ratings dubbed C+3, but given the delays with actually producing the data, and the fact that advertisers don't want to pay as much for DVR viewers,  I'm not so sure C+3 will be embraced by advertisers.

Unless, of course it turns out that the C+3 ratings are so much lower than the show viewership that it means cheaper rates for the advertisers.  But when that happens (and you have to figure "when" is more likely than "if")  everyone at the networks is going to be singing the exact same song as Fox's Beckman -- "Why don't we just use the overnight ratings?"

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