Latest WGA Strike News: November 21

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November 21st, 2007

November Primetime Sweep Ratings Show Little Effect

While late night ratings have been hit hard, primetime November sweeps ratings showed little strike effect.

Are Showrunners quietly returning to work?

Is Big Media looking for a "crushing defeat" of the writers? Were I a betting man, that's the way I'd go.

The strike could be costing the LA area $21.3 million a day.

The strike may cause problems for the Oscar telecast.

CBS Paramount Network TV has sent production shut down letters to the production staff and casts of "NCIS" and "Swingtown".

Studios have sent out "classy" memos concerning the restart of talks on November 26. My guess is the entire restart of talks is simply a ploy by the producers to quiet the politicians who were beginning to grumble and anyone hoping for a quick solution is going to be disappointed.

Networks have begun conserving fresh episodes to use in January and beyond.

For our latest show by show strike status, check our November 13 Strike News post.

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