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December 7th, 2007

Producers May Make "Final" Offer Soon

Our latest (12/5) Show By Show Strike Status is here.

Variety reports that the AMPTP is frustrated by a lack of progress and may make a "final" offer soon. Deadline Hollywood Daily has even more dire predictions. There was little news from yesterday's talks. There was, however, a message from the WGA to its membership.

With all the reruns, late night ratings have fallen, but some haven't fallen that much. Kimmel and Ferguson down only 14% and Letterman down only 21%. While this is happening, the hosts who are paying their staffs out of their own pockets see their costs mounting.

The Director's guild is being urged to delay their own talks.

There is worry among the writers about the AMPTP's new PR firms. Honestly, I think hiring the Clinton's PR firm is partially a move to take the Clinton's themselves out of the PR mix as potential writer's allies.

A caution to the writers about making any deals on a fixed price basis, with an excellent Ghostbusters reference in the title.

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