Ted Leonsis and The Wire Ends, Sheeeeeeee-it!

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March 7th, 2008

Isiah Whitlock, Jr. as Clay Davis on HBO’s The WireI'm going to miss me some Clay Davis.  I'll miss Bunk and McNulty and Omar (RIP) even more.  But  Isiah Whitlock, Jr. who portrays the character of Md. State Senator R. Clayton ‘Clay' Davis on HBO's The Wire should get an Emmy for "best utterance of a four letter expletive (beginning with an S, and ending with a T - it comes out sounding something like, Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-it)".

All season long I've been watching the final season of HBO's The Wire on Comcast On-Demand because they had a deal where you could see the new episodes via On-Demand a week before they aired on HBO.  This Monday I got all comfy in the easy chair and sat down to watch the series finale, and...there was a one minute promo basically saying, "Sorry, we're not doing this for the finale! And we know what you're thinking...."  Then they play Clay Davis uttering what should be the Emmy winning uttering of an expletive.

Thank you David Simon (creator) , and  thank you George Pelecanos (writer/producer): I loved this show MORE than the Sopranos.   And thanks too to HBO for airing five seasons of this series.

Recently I read a post from my man-love crush, Ted Leonsis' blog jabbing at the Baltimore Sun, a most appropriate tie-in for The Wire.  For those of you who have never read me loving on Ted L., (who owns the NHL Washington Capitals as well as a minority position in the Washington Wizards and Washington Mystics) I can explain it very easily: for me, the guy is just a mensch

The truth of it is, whenever I present Ted the opportunity to teach me that I'm wrong about something, he comes through.  He takes the time to do so, and  not necessarily so much because he cares about me - he just cares about what is right and what is wrong and what is true and what is not true. 

Good teachers are hard to come by, even if you're shelling out a lot of coin for the privilege.  For whatever reason, Mr. Leonsis will sometimes give me this for FREE. It's a gift, and I totally freaking love him for it.

I share the good fortune of partnering with Bill Gorman, who like Ted is an America Online alumni.  And like Ted, Bill is prepared for the discourse and prepared to argue his point vociferously when he believes he's right.  Unlike Ted, Bill doesn't wind up sometimes saying things to me like, "Are you just being stupid, or are you an a-hole?"  (I have zero doubt he often thinks it though!) But both are the same in that we can have some extremely heated discussions on a point in a quest to arrive at the truth and at the end of it all there is absolutely no animosity over the heated discussion.   Speaking for myself, I wish it could be this way with everyone.

I have had the good fortune of knowing people like this.  My good friend Gideon Sasson, who recently retired as the CIO of Charles Schwab most of all.  Gideon taught me that at least with some people, the spirited discussion is not only OK, it's a good thing because it can produce the result of true alignment. And there are guys like Fred Wilson, who I don't know nearly as well but not only encourage the "discussion", he almost insists on it.  It's very cool.  And seemingly, he doesn't take a second of it personally, even when you disagree with him.

Ted is also  an angel investor in Mahalo  which I am very big on.  I agree with him on Mahalo

Moreover, Ted may be the BEST OWNER in all of professional sports in that he is in constant communications with his fan base, and...he's got the mojo.  He's doing great things with his hockey team and hopefully that will produce a playoff team this year.  He inked NHL superstar Alex Ovechkin to a long-term contract.  One thing I harped on Ted about is the need to promote the hell out of Alex O. The Caps, the NHL and now even TV all seem to be on board.  You can read more about that here.

  • Jack

    The best show EVER to grace the small screen ends today and the sad thing is that probably nobody will watch it. I wanna thank everyone involved for making this masterpiece. The Wire is gonna be missed.

  • Jack

    The best show EVER to grace the small screen ends today and the sad thing is that probably nobody will watch it. I wanna thank everyone involved for making this masterpiece. The Wire is gonna be missed.

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