Season to Date Broadcast Net Ratings, through Mar 16

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March 18th, 2008

Fox Extends Lead In All Categories


Fox's season to date lead in all ratings categories continues to grow while the competition begins to bring its scripted shows back on air. It's going to be too little too late to prevent a Fox sweep of every category, the leads are just too big and there are still 29 episodes of American Idol to go.

Univision continues to close the season to date gap with CBS for adults 18-34, and while I'd love to see Univision beat CBS, if only for the news value of the event, it's not going to. The CBS lead over Univision is too large and shrinking too slowly to be overcome before CBS gets its new episodes of its scripted shows on the air. Here's something that is guaranteed to happen, but nobody in the English language media is talking about it. Univision is going to beat the CW by about a 50% margin in every ratings demographic category for the season.

The chart below shows Season to Date TV ratings through the week of March 16 (25th week of the broadcast season).



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