Idealistic Dope Tim Robbins Curses Out the NAB

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April 14th, 2008

Tim Robbins at the NAB Conference

Update April 16: here's a column in Broadcasting & Cable by Paige Albiniak that makes the points I really wanted to make here without being incendiary. You should probably read it instead of what's below.  Perhaps it is all in the title.  Hers was "Tim Robbins' Beautiful, Impossible Media Dream".  I went the direction I did because I like focusing on the possible...

Actor Tim Robbins who has starred in two of my favorite movies, Bull Durham and The Shawshank Redemption gave the keynote at today's NAB (National Association of Broadcaster's) confab and railed against the machine.

"We are at an abyss as an industry and as a country," Robbins said according to an article on Broadcasting and Cable's web site. From the article:

Ditching the chance to give his views in an exchange with TV critic David Bianculli, who appears on National Public Radio and in the pages of Broadcasting & Cable magazine, Robbins described that abyss using expletives that would not be allowed on free over-the-air radio or television by the Federal Communications Commission. These included the common vulgarity for copulation, known as the f-bomb, and, "Die, you Nazi c___suckers."

He also called on the industry to turn away from reporting on all the stuff that people really care about, like pictures of Britney and Paris with their skirts half way up their thighs when they step out of cars when they weren't wearing any underwear.  Robbins says the focus reduces the variety of voices delivered on any given issue and distracts the public and that it takes no energy and requires little thought.

Grow up, Tim Robbins and DEAL WITH REALITY.  I wrote about 40,000 words last summer on the topic of whether capitalism is self-destructive (anyone interested in a link can e-mail me).  The correct conclusion is no, but people sometimes are.  With all things in the system called planet earth, the blessing is usually the curse and it's no different with Capitalism.  The advantage is, it plays to the strength of the human condition.  The weakness is, it plays to the weakness of the human condition.  That's the way it is, and in 13,000 years or so of recorded history, the way human nature works is that a system always arises that both plays to our strength and our weaknesses.  Capitalism is among them.  That will not be changed by cursing out the NAB.

It may suck that people are interested en masse about things which require no energy and little thought, but that doesn't change this:  en masse people are interested in things which require no energy or little thought.

Of course rantings like Die, you Nazi c---suckers...also no energy and little thought.  So Mr. Robbins, you freaking hypocrite who takes advantage of the capitalistic system of things,  as well as the antics of Britney, when it suits you...please say hello to Paris Hilton for me next time you run into her.

If Gorman and I were to play "Oddsmakers" a la PTI on this one, I'm sure we'd both agree the odds of Robbins being invited back to give an NAB keynote are ZERO.

So as not to *just* be a total excuse to post a  (clothed, no private parts exposed) picture of Ms. Hilton,  B&C is giving comprehensive coverage of the NAB show here.

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