Kobe Bryant Jumps Aston Martin, Loves On Sly Stallone: It's a (Fun) HOAX!

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April 15th, 2008

By now most of the world has probably already seen the footage released last week shot for a Nike commercial where Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers jumps over a MOVING Aston Martin.


IT'S A HOAX. All Hollywood, but it is entertaining and you should give the above clip a look. Funnier to me was that I have now seen two clips where Kobe explains this and both of them show the love (sort of) for Sylvester Stallone. In one he says something like "if Rambo can kill 200 people in Rambo 12 (I'm exaggerating), Kobe can't jump over an Aston Martin? It's all Hollywood, baby!"In the clip below from Monday's PTI (my favorite show in all of television) Kobe basically says "If Rocky at 60 can beat down fine physical specimens in their 20s, I ought to be able to jump over an Aston Martin!" If you're an NBA fan watch the whole clip - Kobe seems like a pretty forthright guy in this interview. The bit about the car jump is near the end of the clip.


Like Kobe says, "Don't try this at home!"

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