Moonlight vs. Jericho: CBS Speaks Out Cane & Shark Still on the Bubble

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April 15th, 2008

While certainly not coming out and saying that it's renewing Friday night's freshman series Moonlight, CBS does not compare the show to Jericho which should be seen by Moonlight fans as a very good thing. She also points out Moonlight is not serialized as Jericho was.

The Hollywood Reporter posted a brief interview with CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler and THR tried to compare the two shows. Tassler wasn't buying it.

THR: Will CBS be less likely to renew a show with passionate fans but low ratings in the wake of "Jericho"? "Moonlight" looks like it could, sooner or later, turn into a similar situation.
Tassler: One thing "Moonlight" has going for it is it wins its time period. Unlike "Jericho," "Moonlight" is not serialized. Moonlight was a presentation (rather than a pilot). By the time the strike hit, we were still making certain discoveries and exploring new ideas and the show's mythology.

In reference to Cane & Shark, Tassler said both shows were still on the bubble, but made it sound like Cane was already a goner calling it a "long shot". She also seems fine and pleased with both the New Adventures of Old Christine and How I Met Your Mother and said that The Big Bang Theory was giving all the indications it would be a hit prior to the strike. Tassler also said that CBS would like to open up another night for comedy, and that it was definitely on the horizon. This leads me to believe NONE of the CBS comedies are likely to be cancelled, inlcuding Rules of Engagement. Please note, for the record: I think there is no way in he77 CBS will cancel The Big Bang Theory, despite what I might have inferred here.

It also looks like they won't be sticking CSI: Miami in the Tuesday 10pm slot,but it doesn' look like Tassler views this as the "death slot". CSI: Miami did very well in that slot when it was placed there as the second of a two-part episode from the Monday night before it.

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