Yankees and Red Sox Face Each Other and Lose to SpongeBob

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April 15th, 2008

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I was giddy and full, a happy combination for me resulting from new indications that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles would be renewed by FOX and the Tom Yum Noodle Soup with shrimp lunch special.

I get home to see an e-mail based on the weekly top cable shows where I'd pointed out SpongeBob beat out the New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox Sunday night performance on ESPN in the cable ratings.

The e-mail said: "c'mon! That's not fair, the Yankees play the Red Sox all the time -- nineteen times out of a 162 game season. And of course nobody cares about baseball in April, it's a long season and games are on ALL the time."

Uh, know what else is on ALL the time? SpongeBob, that's what! SpongeBob didn't just come out ahead of ESPN's Sunday night baseball once - SEVEN SpongeBob airings came in front of it.

Seven SpongeBob airings ranked in front of the ESPN game on Sunday night featuring the Yankees and the Red Sox! And please spare me because I just looked in my program guide for my DVR and there are 89 (eighty-nine!) episodes of SpongeBob airing from now through April 27. Eighy-nine. Know how many MLB games are on including national, cable and local (San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics) in that time period? Thirty-eight. It's a lot of airings I'd grant, but well less than HALF as many as SpongeBob.

You'd be better off attributing it to the fact that Derek Jeter didn't play that game, or perhaps even that the series was jinxed by some dope of a Red Sox fan who's working construction on the new Yankee stadium and buried a Red Sox jersey on the grounds and that the dopey Yankees spend like $50,000 to jackhammer the concrete and dig that jersey out of there. Actually I'm not sure if that's dopey - I'm pretty superstitious myself when it comes to sports. But trying to press charges against the guy seems kind of dumb. Anyway...

You could try to make any argument you want, but the simple fact is, more people watched SpongeBob. That said, I think the Yankees and Red Sox sell more merchandise. I see people ALL the time with Red Sox caps - all the time. And that's in San Francisco. I might actually see more people sporting Red Sox merchandise than I do San Francisco Giants (unless I'm at the ballpark). And I don't know that I've ever seen anyone rocking SpongeBob attire.

Nonetheless, the best airing of SpongeBob had 2.25 MILLION more viewers than the Sunday night game on ESPN. And even if you tacked on all the New York and Boston viewers who watched on their local sports affiliates rather than on ESPN (sadly, we don't get access to those local viewer #s), it wouldn't make up the difference.

I'll grant that there are more Yankees and Red Sox caps in the world, but be afraid, be very, very afraid...

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