Hell's Kitchen: Reality Show or Complete Scam? Jason Gets the Boot

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April 18th, 2008

Sexist Jason on FOX’s Hell KitchenI'm now in my fourth season I think of watching Hell's Kitchen.  I got hooked during season two and while that was still airing had a 2 day binge where I ripped through the first season.  By the third season I wondered how much was reality and how much was scripted and how much was sometimes people are just complete jackasses.

It's possible that by design they deliberately pick 80% of the contestants who will have no shot in hell. And it's highly likely that they want to get people who will completely make a mockery of themselves.  But sometimes I wish they would get at least 10 contestants who actually had a shot, and only a handful of people who are complete idiots.  It seems to skew the other way around.  But again, I'm in my fourth year of watching so maybe they know what they're doing.

This week they eliminated a third contestant.  A complete sexist pig and and by the way, at least as the producers portrayed him, a moron, a pansy (his word, not mine) plus he couldn't cook.  Any time they would  have snippets where he was interviewed about what was going there was always some snide remark about how men were better than women, or how he wasn't here to do some task that should be done by a woman.

Jason had a few major problems.  He couldn't remember what the three dessert items on the menu were so the chef sent him to his room to study.  When he came back, he couldn't handle the pressure of actually having to recite what the three desserts were.  He pretty much gave up. Louross (who is starting to grow on me as someone who could win, even though I hate the Mohawk) tried to drag Jason back to the kitchen and Jason went on and on about how he couldn't do it under pressure. Louross was having none of it.  And come on, remembering three items isn't massive pressure.

Finally Jason comes back to the kitchen.  And, he couldn't do it.  Said he couldn't do it.  Chef asked him if he wanted to go home and he said yes.   "I'm done," he said.  But then, miraculously, he is able to recite the three items.  I have trouble believing that wasn't staged.

Fast forward to the end, Jason winds up getting the boot.  The voice over as Jason walks out was Jason saying:

"You know, the last girls that got put up on the block, they start crying, well maybe if I would've cried like some little pansy, some chick, you know, maybe I'd be back upstairs chilling right now. But I can't do that.  I'm a man, I sure as hell ain't gonna going to cry about it. I am however going to go get drunk."

So we had "a man" who went into a whole "I can't do it, I can't do it", said he was "done" and wanted to go home. And he is proud of himself for being...a man.

I've lived long enough where I believe it's definitely possible for someone to be that stupid and incredibly lacking in self-awareness.  And I suppose maybe it wasn't all staged because if it were, the better route would've been to resurrect Omar from HBO's The Wire and have him blow Jason away with his sawed off shotgun.  And before any of you judge me for saying that, please don't judge until you've watched.

Despite this, I love the show and Chef Ramsay is one of my favorite characters on TV.  Plus, he gets better ratings than Oprah.

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