Revision3 Shows: Soon to be Seen by Hardly Anyone On Multiple Platforms

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April 21st, 2008

Revision3San Francisco-based Revision3 which produces more than a dozen Web video series has inked multiple distribution deals in the past two weeks including deals with Joost, TiVo and Hulu according to a story on MediaWeek.

Revision3's "biggest hit" Diggnation a show that takes a look at the top news stories as voted on by users would make Quarterlife look like a runaway hit from a Nielsen perspective, but previously the shows were only available on iTunes, YouTube and Revision3's own site.

Revision3 is from the same folks who brought you  (Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose) and pitches itself as "the first media company that gets it" having created  "an actual TV network for the Web". While that may be true, from an eyeballs perspective it's faring at least 100 times worse than The CW network. is a legitimate and lucrative Internet business that will likely ultimately sell for a lot of cash someday.  Revision3 on the other hand doesn't have the same mass appeal.  What it's #1 show, DiggNation does have however, are 18-34 year old males who buy gadgets.  It's not a bad demographic, but viewership of Diggnation, its best show. seems to be in the range of thousands to tens of thousands.  Nowhere near hundreds of thousands and even further away from a million.  

Update: see comment from Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback below where he notes that Diggnation routinely draws a couple of hundred thousand views. I'll try to see what data I can get ahold of, but if that's the case, considering the scale and expense structure if nothing else I consider the performance vastly superior to that of the CW network.

As I'm older than the target market,  my opinion likely doesn't matter to them, but it's that the shows are too long for Internet video (Diggnation, for example usually runs about 40 minutes). My attention span for that sort of video generally runs about 5 minutes.

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