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April 23rd, 2008

Kornheiser and Wilbon on ESPN’s Pardon the InterruptionSize may always matter during primetime for the big broadcast networks.  Otherwise, it doesn't always matter. Or more accurately, it depends on what you're sizing.

Take my favorite hour of television bar none, the 5pm-6pm (EDT) block on ESPN of Around the Horn (ATH)and Pardon the Interruption (PTI).

Two of my favorite entertainers in the world are former sports columnist turned radio and TV host (as well as the Monday Night Football booth) Tony Kornheiser and sports columnist turned TV host, turned NBA TV analyst, Michael Wilbon.

I bet I've watched well over 90% of the airings of those shows for over six years now.  1000 airings and 2000 Uranus jokes later and it's still my favorite guilty pleasure.  I love PTI, and I love it's lead-in ATH as well.  Woody Paige, J.A. Adande, Bob Ryan, Kevin Blackistone, and yeah yeah, even Bill Plaschke and Jay Marriotti, and of course Anthony Joseph Giselle Bundchen Reali. 

Heck, over time even Dan Le "Bam" Batard has grown on me.

I doubt we'll ever see the ratings for these shows.  Ever.  But it's no surprise to me they've been on forever.  They appeal to a very, very affluent group of people.  I'm not talking about dopes like me, or the less dopey Mr. Gorman,

I'm talking about Kobe, Shaq, Lebron, Tiger Woods.   The super rich athletes and coaches these shows talk about, are watched by the super rich athletes and coaches these shows talk about.   It's a tiny, tiny, tiny demographic size wise, but my guess is it's more than made up for by the average net income of the viewers.  Size matters.  In this case, perhaps the size of the viewers' bank accounts more than the size of the total viewing population.

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