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April 24th, 2008

smallpad.jpgIn a couple of hours I'll be taking a long walk over to BART (for those not familiar with the bay area, it stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit System or something close to that -- it's our subway) and doing something I rarely do -- heading over to the ballpark in Oakland to see the Athletics take on the Twins of Minnesota.  As a San Francisco Giants season ticket holder, I do usually wind up seeing the Giants play the A's during interleague, but it's been a while since I took in a game in Oakland. 

If you ever get the chance to blow out of work and take in an afternoon baseball game during the middle of the week, I strongly recommend it.  It'll make you feel young again.   

I was planning to think about our editorial strategy on the walk over to the subway, but then figured that since some of you are fairly outspoken, I'd just turn it over to you for your thoughts and think about other stuff on my walk. 

I can't promise we'll actually honor the requests because most times we're completely at the mercy of the data that is available to us.  But it would be nice to know what you'd like to see in addition to what we're already doing. 

 I know there is already interest in Daytime ratings (which I have been a complete slacker on), local ratings (which we have only limited access to), ratings for every airing of every cable show (we don't have that kind of data access) and there's a request for analysis on whether CW made a good move by getting rid of shows like Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars for the likes of Gossip Girl (I'll hopefully get to that by the weekend).

With all that in mind, if there's something you wish we'd write about with regard to the metrics of television either on a one-time or regular basis, please feel free to post your thoughts here or e-mail them to me at robert (at) tvbythenumbers dot com. Thanks!

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