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May 1st, 2008

Fox Continues to Fade; Others Improve


Latest Weekly Changes in Season to Date '07-'08 vs. '06-'07


Weekly Change











NBC (+0.37%), CBS (+0.09%) and ABC (+0.10%) all showed gains vs. last season in the most recent week. This is the first week that ABC has shown a season over season improvement in viewers in a month. NBC continues its season over season improvement trend that began in early December. CBS' improvement, while small, continues the trend that began when new scripted episodes began appearing in late March.

ABC (-0.31%) continued to lose ground in the most recent week as it's new returning episodes have underwhelmed.

Fox's (-1.04%) slide vs. last season continued, and accelerated somewhat. The addition of new episodes of House this week will likely slow, but not eliminate, future declines vs. last season.

*For the third week in a row, the CW showed no change at all in the season to date numbers for the current week vs. last season. I'm pretty confident this is bad data. I'll try and get an answer from our friends at Nielsen, but I'm not holding my breath.

Overall Season Total Change in Season to Date '07-'08 vs. '06-'07


07-'08 vs. '06-'07











Fox continues as the only network with increased viewership vs. last year. It still looks like Fox will finish the year at or just below 5% better than last year considering their current rate of decline vs. last season.

All the other broadcast networks continue below last years pace, CBS and CW by significant margins. My guess is that CBS finishes the year more than 15% behind last season. ABC looks headed for a season/season decline of just under 10%. NBC's continuing gains seem to point them to a season to season decline of 8-9%.

Even with ABC's improvement vs. last year, NBC's continued improvement again narrowed the season vs. season gap with ABC. They will likely finish with similar overall losses vs. last season when the season ends in late May. That's quite a turnaround for NBC and reversal for ABC compared to their relative positions in early December.

The CW, which looks to finish down about 20-25% vs. last year, could cease to exist and likely only the fans of Supernatural would notice. *Again, I think our recent STD for the CW is bad and will try and investigate it.

Our chart shows broadcast network primetime season to date average primetime viewership for the 2007-8 season compared to the 2006-7 season on a weekly basis.

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