Lindsay Lohan Joins TV Comedy Trend Towards Train Wrecks

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May 4th, 2008

Lindsay Lohan’s 7/24/07 Mug ShotFirst Britney was on CBS' How I Met Your Mother (and will be back on May 12). Then Paris Hilton was on NBC's My Name is Earl. Now Lindsay Lohan will appear in FIVE episodes of ABC's Ugly Betty.

Britney was great for Mother's ratings (they're not having her back for no reason at all!), and Paris, while not Britney-esque for Earl did improve Earl's ratings. I have no doubt LiLo will do the same for Ugly Betty and Betty needs the help.

Keeping in mind inconsistencies because Nielsen's panel had many fewer DVR homes last season than this, Ugly Betty's numbers have been way off. Last Thursday's numbers showd a drop from 11.33 million viewers in May 2007 to 7.93 million on Thursday. Performance in the 18-49 demo is off by more than 50% from 2007.

You may not like "stunt-casting", you may in fact really hate it, but just like everything else, expect to see more, and not less of it until it stops working! There is definitely a trend towards bringing all the top Google searched train wrecks, but there's a reason why they're all among the top searches.

America loves a good train wreck. We just can't avert our eyes. Nobody wants to admit that, but clearly people are looking.

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