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May 4th, 2008

CBS’ Two and a Half MenWe've all seen the network stunt where they have stars of one show up on other shows.  And we've heard all about the stunt casting with Britney, Paris and now Lindsay.  Now for May sweeps CBS has a special stunt where tomorrow night's (5/5) Two and a Half Men was written by Naren Shankar and Carol Mendelsohn, executive producers of CSI and this Thursday's (5/8) CSI was scribed by Lee Aronsohn and Chuck Lorre the executive producers of 2.5 Men.  You can read more details here and here.

I confess this will  work with me because I never watch CSI and will watch this episode just to see if they can make CSI funny! I do watch Two and a Half Men from time to time fairly regularly.  But I hope this doesn't work out like it did with CBS casting Britney for How I Met Your Mother first with NBC and ABC then tagging along.  The last thing I want to see is an episode of LOST penned by the folks who brought us According to Jim (though I'm absolutely certain I'd be more likely to watch the According to Jim penned by the LOST creators).    

I'd be OK with FOX trying this between Hell's Kitchen and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.   C'mon, it's not like Hell's Kitchen is really all that unscripted (entertaining yes, unscripted, not so much). 

"Next, on the most explosive episode of Hell's Kitchen EVER, Louross' Mohawk is completely vaporized!"

Though it wasn't advertised I'm pretty sure we already saw a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica written by the producer of Grey's Anatomy.  What mashups would you like to see done?

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