Gossip Girl and Roberto Duran

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May 6th, 2008

Leonard vs. DuranEverytime I see the Gossip Girl vs. MTV's The Hills data, I always am reminded of  Leonard/Duran II.  Sugar Ray didn't like getting beat by Duran in the first fight and came out swinging in the rematch, both figuratively and literally.

Finally, Duran could take no more of the beating and threw in the towel himself.  While he is reported to have uttered the famous "No más," Duran has always denied it.  Still, after being taunted by Leonard in round 7, and then pummled more in round 8, Duran turned his back to the referree saying, "No boxeo con el payaso" (I'm not boxing with this clown).  While Duran denies saying, "No más" he admits to saying "my stomach is hurting too much."  We're sure Dawn Ostroff feels similarly when she feasts her eyes on numbers like these:


Still, I'm equally sure she will not cry out "No más" and that all three shows will be back next year even though The Hills continues to do better in the 18-34 target than both of the CW dramas combined. 

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