Zoey vs. Hannah: A Pregnant Spears Outdraws a Not Naked Cyrus

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May 6th, 2008

Miley Cyrus in Vanity FairAlthough following popular culture is no longer one of my favorite pastimes you had to be hiding in the hills of Montana without an Internet connection, television or radio to not hear about Miley Cyrus' photo shoot in Vanity Fair.  I thought all of that was much ado about nothing whatsoever because a.) she was NOT naked, b.) who cares? and c.) she was NOT naked.

Despite not actually being naked there seemed to have been a negative impact on the ratings.  So negative, I completely missed it when looking at the data because we only get access to the top forty weekly cable shows, and Hannah Montana was not among them.  A Zoey 101 movie and several airings of Zoey 101 were all over the list though.

I knew the first Hannah Montana since the completely manufactured scandal was airing last Sunday - I even linked to it in my link list.   But then, when I was looking at the weekly cable top forty shows to prepare the weekly top twenty list, I didn't even notice that there was no Hannah Montana to be found.  Not anywhere.  Multichannel News is reporting that Sunday's airing of Hannah Montana drew 3.12 million, which means she just somehow barely missed the top forty.  Towards the bottom of the list there are lots of shows with a 2.1 household rating and around 3.12 million viewers - even #40, the sixth Zoey related airing on the top 40 pulled a 2.1 with 3.116 million.

I'm surprised if the manufactured scandal is really the cause of this, but the article notes that on a live plus same day DVR viewing basis (which is all we'll have for a couple of weeks) that airing was off by 32% versus other new airings of Hannah Montana this season. 

Prior to Sunday's airing Hannah had averaged 4.6 million per episode.  So that's a fairly significant haircut.  Disney is spinning like crazy bringing up that it still won its timeslot and did fabulous with the "tweens" (9-14 year olds), but losing 1.5 million out of 4.6 million, not even Tinkerbell has enough fairy dust to make that come out smelling good.  Meanwhile the pregnant at seventeen little sister of Britney had the most watched cable show of the week.  Go figure.

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