The CW: What Will It Do With Fridays After Smackdown?

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May 10th, 2008

cw.gifIn today's overnight report for Friday night I pondered what will happen in the fall for CW Friday nights as they let Friday Night Smackdown! get away to MyNetTV.  Will the CW take its worst performing shows and stick them in the vast Friday night wasteland? Or will it stick the worst performers on Thursday, when there is more competition and try to actually eke out some sort of Friday night success?  Especially with CW abandoning programming on Sunday nights and only programming primetime Mon-Fri, it becomes easier to concentrate the worst performing shows on one night.

I believe the more likely scenario is sticking the worst performers in the Friday night wasteland.  Why?  Well, even though Friday night has less competition, I think no matter what happens the perception is that advertising pays better on Thursdays even when the shows are regularly drawing under three million. 

Weekend movies are generally released on Fridays and the studios want to get ahead of the game by promoting them right before the weekend starts.  The movie studios don't want you home on Friday nights watching your favorite programs on TV or on DVR. They want you at the movie theaters!

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but if I was I would wonder if the movie studios aren't subsidizing the TV networks (especially when they're both owned by the same company) so that they deliberately won't program high quality programming for Friday or Saturday nights.  I think such a theory is a stretch, but when you consider the programming that's actually on Friday and Saturday nights exactly just  how much of a stretch is hard to figure.  But either way we'll find out the C-dub's plans next week.

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