Les Moonves, Meet Your New Best Friend Steve Jurvetson

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May 15th, 2008

FloridaThanks to Fred Wilson's blog, I saw a link to the discussion on Barron's Tech Trader Daily blog  from last night's Tech Trends Dinner at The Churchhill Club. It featured a bunch of luminaries much smarter than I am talking about technology trends. 

Amid all the noise and news surrounding CBS buying CNET and Ichan launching a proxy fight with Yahoo, I might not have seen it if not for Fred.  I'd encourage anyone interested to read it. 

I'm not surprised how big a deal everyone thinks the mobile phones are going to be.  I've been using an iPhone for going on a year now and the future is much brighter than even that experience.

But I was completely mesmerized by the comments from Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson,  "Demographics are destiny, creating opportunity," says the other Steve J., Here was Jurvetson's money quote for me:

"In 2025, the entire country will look like Florida does today. Nothing will change that. Demographics are destiny."

That has to be very good news for Les Moonves and the older skewing CBS, although 2025 is still a ways away and many CBS viewers will have passed away in their rocking chairs watching CSI  and 60 Minutes by then. But indeed by 2025, if I'm still around I'll be wanting to roll out of the Del Boca Vista around 3:45pm to catch the early bird dining special. 

All jokes aside, however, I believe the other Steve J. is correct: demographics are destiny.

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