Nielsen Ratings May 17: Saturday Night Broadcast TV Sucks

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May 18th, 2008

Scoreboard for Sat. May 17, 2008 CBS FOX ABC NBC
Total Viewers (million) 5.17 4.53 3.82 3.69
Rating/Share: Adults 18-49 1.0/4 1.8/6 1.3/5 0.8/3

CBS had the most viewers and FOX had the best demo rating, even though Cops and were languishing. To be honest, I'm not sure they weren't reruns. I am sure that if you take the demo numbers for America's Most WantedCops and America's Most Wanted it doesn't come out to a 1.8/8, but I'm just taking the numbers as they were reported. They're so bad to be honest that it doesn't even really matter if you correct them. NBC couldn't even do a 1.0 in the demo and if not for 48 Hours Mystery, CBS wouldn't have made it to 1.0. Those Crimetime reruns don't do well for either NBC or CBS.

There's not much else to say so I'll bore you with some administrative minutiae. We upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 over the weekend and the bonus is, I can paste pretty tables directly from Excel into WordPress which is a real timesaver for me and something I'd been wishing we could do since we launched. Sadly, Bill who is sworn to the cult of Apple can't simply cut and paste pretty tables from Excel into WordPress and this alone will slow down my upgrade to a 24" iMac. I won't waste a single moment trying to convince Bill to boot up his Mac in Windows for the pretty tables, because once you go Mac, you never go back. And Bill was an Apple guy from the get-go.

Overall the upgrade to 2.5.1 went very well other than Bill couldn't upload pictures and in the process of trying to fix it we knocked our site out of commission briefly. A tense moment for the TVbytheNumbers system administrators (that would be me and Bill). On the plus side we added a poll widget, but in my first test I didn't phrase the questions well so it's not clear to me if so far 65% believe Moonlight will get back on the air, or whether CBS will be bloody. Please don't send blood to CBS!!

Speaking of cancelled shows, Bill got out the abacus and came up with a pretty cool way for prognosticating about which shows will be cancelled. It will be even cooler starting in the fall when we can use it starting from the beginning of the season.

Trust me, Bill's TV Show Cancellation Index is much more interesting reading than Saturday night's results:

Time Network Show Viewers (Millons) 18-49 Rating/Share
8:00 ABC Movie: Hitch (Repeat) 8p-11p 3.82 1.3/5
CBS Cold Case (Repeat) 4.59 0.8/3
NBC Medium (Repeat) 2.52 0.5/2
FOX Cops 4.25 1.6/7
9:00 NBC Law & Order: CI (Repeat) 3.56 0.7/2
FOX America's Most Wanted 4.81 1.6/6
CBS CSI: NY (Repeat) 5.05 0.9/3
10:00 NBC Law & Order (Repeat) 4.99 1.2/4
CBS 48 Hours Mystery 5.78 1.3/5

Nielsen Ratings Source: Nielsen Media Research. Full night's results available via Marc Berman/Mediaweek.

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