CW vs. MyNetworkTV, Tiny Network Smackdown!

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May 23rd, 2008

Recently, our friend Brian Stelter at TV Decoder referred to MyNetworkTV as "the low-rated mini-network owned by the News Corporation". Considering the possible NY Times vs. Rupert Murdoch politics that might be involved, I asked when the Times would begin referring to the CW as "the low-rated mini-network owned by CBS and Time Warner"? No response as yet from Brian ;)

The comparison is apt, because this season the CW and MyNetworkTV's ratings were closer to each other's than the CW's were to the average of the "Top 4" (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox).

This season, while MyNetworkTV ratings are up [+34.9% in average viewers], the CW's are down significantly, down more than 20% in average viewers. But everybody loves talking about the CW, they've got a great PR machine.

And with Friday Night Smackdown moving from the CW to MyNetworkTV in the Fall, I'd expect the horse race among the "little ponies" to be neck and neck.

Of course, both of these ponies are getting crushed by Univision, but the English language world will hear nothing of that. English TV writers couldn't be bothered.

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