Note to Tony Kornheiser: There Is No "Google Button"

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May 28th, 2008

Tony KornheiserTVbytheNumbers most-watched show is ESPN's Pardon the Interruption. Bill and I both watch it regularly though our viewing habits are a bit different. I'm totally zoomed in on the show and it's more background for Bill. I soak in every drop, whereas Bill doesn't usually watch the "5 Good Minute" segments which are often my favorite part of the show.

Another favorite part is where they spend a few seconds talking about what they're going to watch on TV that night.  

Yesterday Kornheiser recommended Recount on HBO and said something like, "If you have on-demand you can just pull it up and hit the Google button".  At least as characterized on the show, Wilbon is the vastly more technology and Internet saavy of the two an let Kornheiser know that one thing he is 100% certain of is that there is no Google button on the On-Demand.

Unfortunately while ESPN does post video clips of almost the entire show, they did not post this. I haven't seen Recount yet, but can vouch for there being no Google button on the on-demand...yet.

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