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May 28th, 2008

Fox Humbles Competition In Season's Final Week


In the final week of the 2007-8 broadcast season, Fox rose up on the strength of the American Idol finale to humble its broadcast competition, sweeping all viewership categories by big margins.

Fox gained a bit over 2 million average viewers from the previous week, while CBS lost almost 2 million, and ABC lost a bit over 1 million. NBC, having given up entirely on the season, registered less than half of Fox's average viewership and beat 4th place Univision by less than 2 million viewers. That's just embarrassing.

Fox also won all the age demographic categories; winning the weekly races for adults 18-49 (by 2.5 million over CBS), adults 18-34 (by 1.1+ million over ABC) and adults 25-54 (by 2.5 million over ABC).

Univision came in third in adults 18-34, topping both NBC and CBS, and, of course, the CW.

ABC was second place in the age demo groups and a close third in overall viewers. I like their position for next season a lot.

As covered above, NBC is in total collapse [and if you listen to Jeff Zucker, total denial], finishing either a distant fourth or fifth in every category.

The CW sank to what may have been seasonal lows for a week with mostly new episodes managing only a meager 2.22 million viewers. So much for targeting youth, the CW could pull only a pitiful 600,000 average adults 18-34, less than 1/4 of Fox's total.

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