"Hockeytown USA" Title Up For Grabs?

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May 30th, 2008

NHL Stanley Cup Game 1: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Redwings

Detroit, in addition to being "Rock City" (at least according to KISS) and "The Motor City" also has the designation of being Hockeytown USA.   I'm not trying to ruffle anyone's feathers (or Red Wings) but I'm torn on who the better Hockey town is on a Nielsen ratings basis.

To the plus side for Detroit is that even when the Red Wings vs. Penguins Stanley Cup Finals matchup went head-to-head against the Detroit Pistons/Boston Celtics game (again) on Wednesday, the NHL coverage got an 18.2/28 share in the local Detroit market while the NBA game got a 15.9 rating locally.

Meanwhile, the  Penguins home market had a whopping 33.1 rating with a 47 share.  What this means is that a third of all homes in Pittsburgh (even including people who weren't home or didn't have their TVs on) were watching the quest for the Stanley Cup and almost half of the televisions that were turned on (47%) were watching the NHL.  That was only the case with 28% of the TVs in use in Detroit.

All bets are off for Saturday night's contest  when for the first time the Red Wings and Pistons will not be playing at the same time.   Both Pittsburgh and Detroit are great hockey cities but if Pittsburgh winds up with the higher local market ratings, it will have a fair claim to the Hockeytown USA title.  At least from a Nielsen ratings perspective.

Who do you think will have the better local ratings on Saturday?    

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