Last Night's NHL Triple Overtime - Best Game 5 Ratings in Six Years

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June 3rd, 2008

Last night's game five matchup between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings where Pittsburgh won a very exciting matchup in triple overtime garnered the best ratings for a game since a 2002 contest betwen Carolina and Detroit and was up a whopping 79% from last year's Stanley Cup game five. Even if Tiger Woods wasn't among the viewers, that's still a nice improvement.

Overall (not just the primetime portion) the matchup earned a 4.3/8 (household rating/share) from 8pm-12:45am EDT. The 2002 matchup featuring Carolina and Detroit netted a 4.5/8.

I still never saw local info for Saturday, but for last night the verdict is in -- fittingly, both Detroit and Pittsburgh were "Hockeytown USA", although even though the Red Wings have the trademark on "Hockeytown", Pittsburgh won the Nielsen ratings wars. More than 1 out of 3 homes had the game on and of the television sets in use in Pittsburgh more than one out of two was watching the game (52%)! That was the case with almost one out of two TVs in Detroit (46%):

1. Pittsburgh, 35.4/52
2. Detroit, 29.6/46
3. Buffalo, 10.2/17
4. Denver, 7.2/12
5. Minneapolis, 7.1/13
6. St. Louis, 6.2/10
T7. Philadelphia, 4.9/9
T7. Nashville, 4.9/8
9. Washington, D.C., 4.7/9
10. Las Vegas, 4.4/7

source: NBC

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