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June 23rd, 2008

Jericho on CBS, Tuesdays at 10pmWe're not posting this for "the traffic" or so you will post comments. A couple of weeks ago they alearted us to their campaign to produce a television commercial.  We're only posting this because the people behind the iniative sent me the release to update me on their efforts   Do I have some opinons?  Sure. But they're well documented here if you feel like digging them up. Instead, I'm just republishing the release in its entirety.  Here it is:

Jericho execs weigh in on commercial campaign and the show's future

Less than two weeks after its unveiling, the explosive fan-funded and -created television ad promoting the serial post-apocalyptic drama Jericho is airing on cable networks across the Los Angeles area and drawing thousands of eyes from around the world to the Web site created to showcase it.

 Jericho Executive Producers Jon Turteltaub ("National Treasure,""National Treasure: Book of Secrets") and Carol Barbee (CBS'"Swingtown") also have posted messages on www.savejerichoagain.com, applauding the TV ad as "brilliant" and "amazing." Both Turteltaub and Barbee also thanked Jericho fans for their continued support and passion, affirmed that meetings regarding Jericho's future were ongoing, and asked fans to hang tight on the collective fight to resurrect the canceled show starring actor Skeet Ulrich.

Since the ad and Save Jericho Again (SJA) Web site debuted on June 10th, SJA has received over 9,000 visits, with over 26,000 page views and 6,300 absolute unique visitors (visits from a single IP address) from 66 countries and territories and viewed in 44 different languages. The ad has received over 13,000 views on YouTube to date. The high-resolution version of the TV ad has been downloaded over 300 times, and there have been over 1,250 downloads of "Save Jericho" postcards for a continuing letter-writing campaign to interested networks and parties.

"The response has been tremendous. I haven't seen this kind of activity since the show was originally renewed," said Jericho fan and ad creator Jason Moore, known by the screen name Rubberpoultry. "The cast, crew and producers are really excited, too. They've expressed their excitement both publically and privately about what fans are doing."

Fresh on the heels of funding an ad in "Variety" and a gigantic billboard in downtown Los Angeles broadcasting the need for a new home, fans of Jericho -- also known as Jericho Rangers -- raised over $6,000 in less than a month to fund a ten-day media schedule with Time-Warner. The 30-second spot is airing over 200 times around Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the South and East San Fernando Valley and is hitting popular, ratings-rich shows, such as "Ghost Hunters" on the SciFi Channel, "Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery Channel, and other programs on the History Channel. 

With voice-over graciously provided by actor Brad Beyer, Jericho's stalwart, salt-of-the-earth farmer/ranch owner "Stanley Richmond," the ad targets areas in and around the Hollywood industry area where a decision about Jericho's future will most likely be made in the near future. Jericho Rangers worked with Time-Warner (with 97% of the market share in that region) to create a schedule that complements other fans' media efforts and maintains awareness of support for the show, its cast, and crew.

Since Jericho's official cancellation by CBS in March, it's been rumored that several networks and media companies, including the SciFi Channel, have expressed an interest in reviving and picking up the show. Turteltaub's and Barbee's comments on the SJA site confirm such talks are indeed occurring.

For more information about the Jericho TV ad or other Save Jericho initiatives, please visit www.savejerichoagain.com.

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