Over 36 Million DVRs In US Homes - July, 2008

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July 17th, 2008

Nielsen now estimates that 28 million homes have DVRs and that 30% have more than one. That means the installed base of DVRs in the US is at least 36.4 million units.

The latest figures from Nielsen show that DVR penetration has climbed to 25% of U.S. homes--up 5% from nine months ago, as cable and satellite operators aggressively try to persuade customers to take on the devices. Separately, data shows that households may increasingly be preparing--albeit not at breakneck speed--for their TV service to continue uninterrupted during next year's digital transition.

Nielsen data confirms widespread anecdotal evidence: DVR users appear to be passionate about the hardware. Research shows that of the estimated 28 million homes with DVRs, some 30% have the devices teed up for more than one set.

Also, data shows that among DVR homes, 53% are cable subscribers, with 40% using DBS.

Combine that with TiVo's shrinking subscriber base and TiVo DVRs now make up only a declining 10% of the installed base.

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