Biggest New Hit? Biggest New Flop? You Make the Call

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July 18th, 2008

These two polls have been running for about a week on the site, but I hadn't called attention to them yet. I'm looking to get a sense from our readers what they think the biggest new show hit and flop will be this fall season. What's a hit or a flop? I'd say early obvious renewal or cancellation, but ultimately the definition is up to you.

Being a numbers guy, I chose entirely based on the show's placement in their respective networks day / time slots, I have no idea if the shows will be any good.

Biggest Hit: Fringe. It follows House, and its significant competition in the time slot is Dancing with The Stars which I think goes after an entirely different viewer.

Biggest Flop: Do Not Disturb. It follows 'Til Death, which probably should have been cancelled last season on numbers alone. It also has credible competition on ABC, CBS and NBC in its timeslot.

You can check out the new fall broadcast schedules here.

What are your picks? And why?

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