As Expected, Second Episode of Mad Men Season Two Suffered Ratings Drop

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August 5th, 2008

It wasn't exactly in the realm of psychic power to predict that the second episode of Mad Men season two had a ratings drop, and drop the ratings did. I didn't see the full numbers but MediaWeek is reporting on the live numbers  (as opposed to the LIVE+SD numbers that include same day DVR viewing -- the most typically reported Nielsen ratings currency).

On a live basis, viewing was down from 1.95 million for the premiere to 1.33 million for the second episode. The first episode had 2.06 million viewers when the same day DVR viewing was included, but I didn't see that number for week two.

Even at 1.33 million it's still 45% of last year's average but that could continue to erode. Expect Mad Men to face stiffer competition towards the end of its run. It's currently bumping up against two very popular cable shows as it is: In Plain Sight -- which I also watch, thank goodness for DVRs and Hulu -- and Army Wives which I haven't viewed as of yet. But later in its season two run it will compete with new programming from the broadcast networks as well.  But, I'm sure AMC is expecting that and OK with it. 

Media week did report a number that didn't surprise me in the least: 40% of the viewing audience had household income of greater than $100,000. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of miss being in that demo myself, but I still love the show even if I'm lumped in with the 60% of the hoi polloi who watched. ;)

I'd really like to see the data (which will be very hard to come by) for how many people are watching via on-demand. If you run across even a snippet of that data, please forward it my way.

You can see the full MediaWeek article here.

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