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August 8th, 2008

Some minor spoilers ensue...

Though it's not anything we'll likely ever see TV ratings for, I recently watched the latest "direct to DVD" Stargate installment, Stargate - Continuum.

I'm a long time Stargate fan, though as with many shows (even the great Star Trek: The Next Generation) I mostly didn't get that into it the first couple of seasons.  I probably saw a few episodes of the first couple of seasons via syndication before I caught the bug and went back to the beginning.  Ultimately I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for Showtime so I didn't have to wait until syndication and have stayed on through the SciFi years.  I think it's a great franchise, even though the last couple of years minus Richard Dean Anderson as Col. Jack O'Neill were so-so.   But, I think Stargate: Atlantis has done a great job of continuing the franchise by creating characters who are fun and enjoyable along with interesting story arcs.

The earlier direct-to-DVD Stargate "movie"  The Ark of the Truth was OK, but I couldn't recommend it really, even though it's always good to spend time with "old friends".  I liked Continuum much, much better, though realistically some of that was for the "old friends" aspect.  Can I ever really get sick of hearing Teal'c say, "Indeed"!?  Probably not. 

Unlike Ark of the Truth, Richard Dean Anderson does briefly reprise his role as Col. O'Neill which is always enjoyable and here we see the last (unless they have another movie in the can already that I'm unaware of, which is certainly possible) the last of Don S. Davis as General George Hammond.  Davis passed away earlier this summer.  

Davis had an earlier role in the cult classic Twin Peaks, but more interesting to me is how his career got intertwined with Richard Dean Anderson's.   Davis was the stunt/photography double for the character of Peter Thorton (played by Dana Elcar) in the role of Andy MacGyver's boss on MacGyver (which ran from 1985-1992).  I'm not sure how long Davis served that role on MacGyver, but in one fashion or the other he wound up in a role where he was the boss of Richard Dean Anderson's fictional characters for many years.

Probably more info on Davis than you wanted, but for me, it was really nice to catch another glimpse of him in the role of Gen. Hammond.

Continuum is another story involving frakking up the time-line.  It's really more of a two part Stargate: SG1 than a movie per se, and as frakking up the time-line goes, it wasn't as good as the two-part season finale for season eight (Moebius), but it had some plusses: 

  • Always good to see old friends
  • Teal'c and "indeed" (plus as a bonus "I die free!")
  • Don S. Davis as General Hammond
  • Cliff Simon as the Goa'uld Ba'al
  • And yet another reprisal of the Goa'uld Apophis by Peter Williams (to Teal'c as ever: "Shovah!")
  • Claudia Black as Vala Man Doran, and in a verrrrry tight fighting outfit, Qetesh
  • Amanda Tapping in the role of Samantha Carter looking especially fetching in her girl next door civies
  • William Devane reprising his role as President Henry Hayes
  • Plus brief appearances of Ra, Yu, and Cronus 

And though I didn't love seasons nine and ten, I did like the characters of Beau Bridges as General Hank Landry and Ben Browder as Col. Cameron Mitchell.  And let's face it, fans of Dr. Daniel Jackson will watch almost anything with Michael Shanks in it.  Thankfully no replicators in this installment, but sadly no Asgard or Thor either.  Love the little grey men, in fact, one of the reasons I always loved Stargate: SG1 so much is that they completely made fun of the lunatic fringe at the same time as reeling them in, in just about every way imaginable.  From  Area 51, to the Asgard completely being designed on the basis of the standard description of aliens by those who claim to have seen them.

All of that might not be enough for you, and if not you're definitely better off going back and watching the two-part Moebius again, but because I always love the stories about screwing up time lines, I was captivated the entire way through and didn't yawn my through parts of it like I did with Ark of the Truth, which I still can't recommend for all but the most die-hard fans.  But if you loved Stargate SG: 1, I do recommend Continuum.  If you are so inclined, here are some links to push you on your way:

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