TV Real Estate: The Bottom Third of Your Screen

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August 11th, 2008

OverlaysBroadcasting and Cable has an interesting cover story on the new Madison Avenue land grab, the quest for the bottom third of your television screen.

Burned by the advent of ad-zapping digital-video-recorder machines, sponsors seeking new ways to get face time during screen time have ironically taken a page from the TV-network-promotion book. Network marketers have been pushing the envelope with more intrusive ad forms in their own battle against DVRs, and advertisers are aping the practice. While some cable networks are actively using ad bugs as a bargaining chip in deal-making, NBC, for one, is not out selling them as an ad unit, although it will occasionally come up with lower-third ideas, such as the one for Target, to help broaden a buy.

Claire Atkinson in this week's Broadcasting & Cable cover story.

We've predicted for a long while that in addition to product placements (which can't be fast-forwarded through as they're a part of the show) that overlays would be on the increase for the same reason. You're not likely to fast-forward while your show is running, overlay or no, and even if so inclined most DVR viewers don't "skip" content outright via programming a 30 second skip button. Most instead utilize the fast-forward feature and an overlay that stayed on the screen for more than a few seconds would still show up and be visible even if people were inclined to fast-forward.

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