Olympics Crunch Top Cable Show Ratings, But Haven't Crushed Them

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August 12th, 2008

SUMMER OLYMPICS (8pm, 216 minutes) 17.6/29 10.6/29 30,173,000

AMERICAN MALL (MTV, 132 minutes) 0.4/1 0.1/0 436,000
WEEDS (28 minutes) 0.5/1 0.5/1 853,000
THE CLOSER 4.3/7 1.3/3 6,419,000
SAVING GRACE 2.5/4 0.8/2 3,540,000

In the final analysis (with the final numbers) perhaps NBC really can average over 30 million every night! I wouldn’t bet on it, but the peacocks were just barely able to pole-vault over 30 million on Monday night.

Above are Monday night cable numbers via Travis Yanan on Marc Berman’s PI Forums. I don’t know how well Weeds usually does, and it looks like American Mall was a throwaway for MTV, but we do know how The Closer and Saving Grace do when they’re not knocking heads with Michael Phelps and girls in skimpy bikinis (ok, and the other stuff too). The Closer lost 1.444 million viewers or 18% from last week, and Saving Grace was down 1.397 million or 28% versus last week.

All things considered I find it interesting how well some of these cable shows have held up (realistically, Closer and Grace lost the same number of viewers, Grace just lost them against a smaller base to begin with). On a household ratings basis, In Plain Sight , Law & Order: CI and Army Wives all still have performed fairly strongly against the Olympic-sized competition. In Plain Sight held up particularly well, losing only 1% from the prior Sunday when there was no Olympics action. Law & Order: CI was harder hit versus the previous week, but that may well be due to which CI team was on this past Sunday.

Psych too, held its own although it wasn’t in our SpongeBob-laden data, it still raked in 3.4 million viewers on Friday night versus the opening ceremonies.

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