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August 13th, 2008

Just in case you can't get enough of me here (and with Bill being on vacation, that strikes me as highly unlikely!), was gracious enough to grant me a change of scenery (thank you!) and I wrote a guest post there: More Olympics Platforms Mean More Viewing.

I really like the orange and black of NewTeeVee, but hey, I'm a huge San Francisco Giants fan. Amazingly, they only chopped a couple of hundred words out of it. The piece is on the roll-out of NBC's Total Audience Measurement index (TAMi). Things look great for the broadcast networks today, but as we gaze into the future, who knows? Here's a snippet from the post:

But it seems inevitable that as broadband usage grows, it [online viewing] will cannibalize viewing from the broadcast network. Heroes is only on once a week for one hour, with around 24 new episodes a year. Especially for those who have no DVR and could not watch it live, online really is additive viewing. Best of all is the level of control it gives over the viewer experience. More and more, people will watch programming (except probably sports and other major live events) on their own terms.

If you're not sick of me yet, please read the rest on NewTeeVee.Com. There's also a nice (I thought) little riff in there of how current online viewing compare to TV viewing (hint, it's pretty tiny). 

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